Yook Sungjae of BTOB Team Cracks Watermelon with His Head on Weekly Idol


Shortly, people will have opportunity to watch maverick BTOB troupe in the upcoming MBC Every1′s “Weekly Idol”. The comeback of BTOB is always pleasurable. They have excelled in their latest song entitled It’s Okay. This song inspires million audiophiles.

BTOB participants are always dauntless and bold as well. Yook Sungjae, one of the brilliant performers of BTOB is famous for his dashing attitude with dynamic character to influence his fans. He doesn’t feel scared to accept the challenge in his life. Therefore all his fans appreciate this guy for his bold attitude with fearless temperament to make others spellbound.

He is liked by his admirers for his bravado. Once again, he has accepted a challenge by smashing a big watermelon with his head. Everyone was surprised to watch this celebrity dong hands-on demo in public.

Without dithering, this brave guy showcased his virility by crashing the watermelon at the first attempt. It is a great success for him to crack the watermelon boldly. He is the role model to young fans who must emulate his principles to remodel their own lifestyles.

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