Get a Chance to Call “Wonder Girls” on Weekly Idol!

Wonder Girls

“Wonder Girls” are about to appear on tv screen again. A big surprise it may seem but “Weekly Idol”, a known K-pop tv show has confirmed their comeback.

A tweet from Weekly Idol’s account says that the Wonder Girls will visit their set in the third floor basement. Jung Hyung Don and Defcon, are the hosts of “Weekly Idol”, a type of show where the hosts have Korean idols as their guests. Fans are given a number to call, where they can ask questions and leave messages directed to the Korean idols. However, from the number of calls received, only a few will be aired on the show, when the guests are there.

As its tweet imparts, the “Weekly Idol” is opening the call for everybody, to get a chance of expressing their admirations or to get answers from curious questions they want the members of the Wonder Girls to answer. If you are dying to get to know more of Wonder Girls or just wishing to drop a call saying “hi”, you can start calling 02) 2068-1601 from July 21 11 am to July 22.

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