Girls’ Generation Expects Romantic Calls from Weekly Idol

Girls' generation

During their promotional campaigns, Girls’ Generation members were asked what type of television programs attracted them to appear in public.

Sooyoung replied frankly that she prefers to see Suh Un and Suh Joon, She requested reporters to let her go to watch these two idols. KBC’s The Superman Is Back displays snapshots of these two maverick idols.

Hyoyeon has chosen another SBS’s Take Care of My Dad aired on Korean television channel. However, Yuri has handpicked Weekly Idol to see dashing idols in the television show. This troupe in this show is really wonderful. She wishes if they call all nine members of Girls’ Generation for dating.

After getting such a heart throbbing news from reliable source, MBC Everyone’s CP of ‘Weekly Idol’ said to OSEN on 8th July that they felt proud of inviting Girls’ Generation members to meet them. It will be an adventurous romantic rendezvous to meet these sexy girls. They have intoxicated love and thrill to share with these dauntless young girls of Girls’ Generation. It must be a remarkable event.

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