T-ara’s Jiyeon Ventilates Her First Romantic date with Lee Dong Gun

Ji Yeon

T-ara’s Jiyeon has revealed her romantic encounter with Lee Dong Gun. In catchy news headlines, her secret love affair has been spotted to entice her million fans.
When this celebrity was found attending a music conference The Show Season4 on 7th July, few media reporters asked her about the new intimate venture she has undergone. This 34 year old dude is really adorable with his pleasing personality to cast spell on Jiyeon. To her eyes, Oppa is really awesome with dynamic personality and razor sharp intelligence.

Jiyeon was also asked how she felt after spending couple of months with this guy. It is her first intimate dating since 2009. She shares her views by saying that she has no prominent feel to showcase. For admirers, she makes comments politely. She admits that people have given her energy and strength to become firm. She works hard for success. Her romance is in the infantile stage to bloom slowly. She thanks everyone for their good wishes.She will pay much more time to refresh her romance.
Lot of appreciations and credits are preserved for lucky Jiyeon and her sweetheart Dong Gun.

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