Will Uee Date with Kwang Hee in Real Life Though She Prefers Joon in High Society?


Uee, the cute actress, has been found in a triangle love affair in the drama High Society. She is the pinnacle of attraction as she dates with Sung Joon and Park Hyung Sik, the Z EA member. However, in the Infinity Challenge, she is seen showcasing her love towards Kwang Hee.

Rumors start sparkling in corners of box offices regarding the dating affair of Uee. She is a sexy and romantic actress with attractive personality. She has told fans directly that she is desperate and straightforward when she goes for dating. However, on being asked, she has revealed that she prioritizes High Society actors for dating. She also replied frankly that she liked to date with Joon in High Society.

On the other hand, while performing in Infinity Challenge, the co-actor named Kwang Hee dreamed of sharing love with Uee. However, it doesn’t prove that Uee has the same likelihood to prefer him.

Now, fans will have to probe who will be shortlisted by Uee for dating.

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