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Infinite Challenge

‘Infinite Challenge’ reveals Song Festival Spoilers

MBC′s Infinite Challenge has stated its stance regarding the ′2015 Infinite Challenge Song Festival Masquerade′ spoilers. Infinite Challenge staff members have addressed spoilers regarding the song festival on an Internet message board. Yoo Sang, Park…

Yeo Jin Goo

Even Actor Yeo Jin Goo is A Huge G-Dragon Fan

You are not alone because even actor Yeo Jin Goo himself is a huge G-Dragon fan! In an interview in MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” Yeo Jin Goo admitted that G-Dragon is his favorite artist….

SBS Gayo Awards

Poor Camera at SBS Gayo Awards

What will happen if the crowd is becoming too wild for the awards show and camera failed to capture the beautiful moments? Definitely, there would be bunches of complaints about the camera. On December 29,…