Yoon Mi Rae and DJ Boys Noize To Release New Single “Capture the City”

capture the city

On July 31, a new single by famous rapper Yoon Mi Rae collaborated with the German DJ Boys Noize will be released, promising to take the hip hop audience by the storm. This chart-topping rapper sings to the innovative electro beats of DJ Boys Noize. The beats of “Capture the City” has integrated the unique sounds of Seoul, pulsing to the rhythm of the heart of this city.

DJ Boys Noize, an award winning electronic artist, is best known for Dog Blood, his project group with electronic music producer, DJ Skrillex. DJ Boys Noize other electro creations include G-Dragon for the September 2013 #1 Gaon chart album, “Coup d’Etat” and BIGBANG for the “Still Alive” album.

The much anticipated new single release of “Capture the City” is on July 31. It is expected by many hit the top charts of Korean K-Pop.

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