Even Actor Yeo Jin Goo is A Huge G-Dragon Fan

Yeo Jin Goo

You are not alone because even actor Yeo Jin Goo himself is a huge G-Dragon fan!
In an interview in MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” Yeo Jin Goo admitted that G-Dragon is his favorite artist. As the matter of fact, he even recorded a video letter for him. Die-hard fan, huh?
When asked which his favorite girl group is, the actor enumerated Girls’ Generation and 2NE1. He also said he likes miss A, too.

“But I like Big Bang hyungs the best,” he added. “I like G-Dragon the most,” he admitted like a shy boy. If you got curious on what he said on his video letter for G-Dragon, here it is: “G-dragon hyung, I wish I get to meet you in person. And when that happens, I wish we become close!” A huge fan indeed he is!


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