Five Years Afterwards Debut, 9MUSES Make An Official Fan Club


Oncoming July 20, company managing Star Empire unveiled the girl group baptized by the name of 9MUSES official Twitter account that the second game plan for the girl group 9MUSES fifth annual recurrence is the innovation of their official fan club. “MINE” will be their fan club name which is drawn out from the statement “9MUSES Is Never Ending.” For the fan club registrations will launch this coming 21st of July.

The Star Empire mate said, ” I and the rest of the group determined on generating a fan club afterwards of five years back of the girl group 9MUSES first appearance. As explicated by them, “We are distinctly unquestionable on the said scheme right after we take on into the basis of the members’ notion that they are longing to devote a special present to them domestic and international fans who fall for the girl group 9MUSES music.

The girl group 9MUSES is now pretty active raising their song “Hurt Locker” for the meantime, that will be publicized this 2nd of July.

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