Son Ho Joon and Hong Suk Chun As “Three Meals a Day” Next Guest

Son Ho Joon

As to July 21, Son Ho Joon and Hong Suk Chun are going to appear on the “Three Meals a Day”. Last week, those ones just completed the movie.

In the latter year throughout the first season of the exhibit, Son Ho Joon formerly came out as a drop-in close by Choi Ji Woo. He boosted major concentration and devotion, considering a celeb himself and wherein speechlessly he draw-on callously. Ensuing a triumphant visitant aspect himself, the actor went actively to starry, a settled forecast factor in the fishing townlet version of the show owing to Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin. Turned-on that he intends to show in the Jeongseon edition of the flash, he has fit a note for showing the trendy focused varied edition of the “Three Meals a Day” show.

On July 31st and August 7 at 9:45PM (KST), the mentioned events characterizing the starry twos will be voiced.

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