“Three Meals a Day” Mascot Minky Has Produced Lovable Puppies


Mascot Minky in ‘Three Meals a Day’ has given rise to lovable puppies.

On 10th July, the preview of the upcoming episode of Three Meals a Day has already been aired. Taecyeon and Lee Seo Jin have cordially invited a new family to visit the home in the remote village. In this episode, Minky Mascot spent only 20 days to produce small puppies in this excellent episode.

These lovable puppies resemble Minky to a great extent. They are proud and ecstatic to see Taecyeon and Lee Seo who smile back to appreciate their newcomers in the family. There is a marvelous friendly ambience.

In this connection, Lee admits that that’s why; parents are seen staying beside their babies when they produce offspring. It is good time for enjoyment. Mascot Minky in Three Meals a Day attracts viewers. The upcoming episode will definitely tempt viewers to have the glimpse of these puppies.

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