Choi Ji Woo Returns to Rekindle the Romance on “Three Meals a Day”

Choi Ji Woo

A preliminary preview video clip on the next episode of tvN’s “Three Meals a Day” has been showcased just after the display of the first episode. Choi Ji Woo will be found in this next episode as t he guest actress.

Though it was not conformed about the coming of the guest actress to participate in the next episode, suddenly crews of the movie caught a sweet voice of Choi and they heard the footsteps of this cute actress who entered into the studio with her smiling face.

Choi Ji Woo has told her associates promptly that she will have to go to workstation for participation. She further asked whether there would be any flower bouquet for her. She would be glad to receive such a beautiful bouquet. Actually she recollects the past event in first episode of Three Meals a Day in which Lee Seo Jin and Taecyeon designed a beautiful flower bouquet to cordially entertain Kim Ha Neul as a honorable guest.

She promptly says, “I have to go to the field. Won’t there be a bouquet there? I want to go get the bouquet.” Her comment refers to a previous episode in which Lee Seo Jin and Taecyeon prepared a bouquet for Kim Ha Neul when she appeared as a guest.

In the first preview, the viewers watch Choi and Lee preparing a nutritious meal together. The audience also catches this actress cooking the food with Taecyeon.

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