Is There Any News about Intimate Closeness between Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung?

Go Hyun Jung

After tracking both Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung at the airport in Japan where they were found roaming together, many enthusiasts smell aromatic flavor of romance brewing up. IOK Company which represents these two mega stars has denied such a rumor. It is a coincidental event. Representatives of IOK Company told reporters of Nate TV in Korea that these two superstars visited Japan to attend different shows. However they decided to return together to South Korea. They have not farmed their intimate relationship before. Therefore, it is just a myth without any concrete realty. The photo in which they are projected standing close is not the testimonial to their personal relationship to grow.
They are friends only. They have 10 years old friendship to keep alive since their presence in Spring Days drama way back to 2005. They were lovers to perform magnificently.

Go Hyun Jung appreciated Jo In Sung at different occasions. For instance, she disclosed her friendship with him on various television shows and radio programs. She commented well about this actor while talking to anchors in a radio show Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night. She expressed her good feeling about this famous actor.
She sometimes joked by requesting this handsome actor to date with her. She also urged to marry that guy. She confessed on a program. However, there is no seriousness in such friendly conversation in this connection.

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