Wonder Girls’ 7th Anniversary Celebration


In Ye Eun’s official Twitter account on February 10, she greeted her lovely group Wonder Girls on its 7th anniversary. Ye Eun wrote “Wow! 7 years… here we are. To the member of Wonder Girls who never gave up and stood together for each other, happy wonderfuls! I love you.”

As you can remember, Wonder Girls have made a phenomenal debut album on February 10, 2007 with their single “Irony.” Since then, a lot of changes happened to the team but they remain close to each other. Hyun Ah and Sunmi left the group, Yoobin and Hyerim joined to the team while their leader Sunye was married and had a child last year. Among their top hit singles are “Tell Me,” “So Hot,” and “Nobody.” You can still check their first singles and see how seven years have made them the top Kpop female group in the country – and even in the world.

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