What does 2PM’s Chansung thinks of the 2014 Winter Olympics


2PM member Chansung would like to wish all the best for those who will be participating in the coming 2014 Winter Olympics but also reminded all the winners and losers to respect the results of the game.

In his official Twitter account, youngest member of the group Chansung wrote, “In the midst of this event when a lot of people tend to say negative things about Olympic athletes who fail to make it on the top, we must think that these athletes are the best that our country has. They have prepared and trained for this game and compete to their very best to make our country proud. A medal or none at all does not make them any less of an athlete because they gave their best. Let’s salute them for that effort. I had given the chance to visit the national athletic center during filming ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education,’ and I watched how athletes train. I say they are amazing. All the luck to the Winter Olympics!”

Yes, he may be the youngest when it comes to age but Chansung is much more matured and thoughtful than anyone we can think of. He did not hesitate on taking a stand to express his thoughts and remind us the true essence of winning. Good luck!


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