2PM members Junho and Chansung on a date

Do you wonder how it looks like to go on a date with 2PM’s Junho and Chansung? Well, the two seems to enjoy a dinner date in a meat restaurant so you must not be a vegetarian. Junho and Chansung went on a date on Valentine’s Day as two friends who just wanted to eat and talk about their show “Real 2PM.”

Just like two ordinary guys, the two talked about who they like and what they want to do. Junho talked about how he likes Scarlett Johansson and the experience he had when he met her in Toronto. He even sent a video asking her for a coffee date! Junho also opened about his wish to have an ordinary date with his girlfriend where they can hold hands like ordinary people. Chansung talked about his work on the new album.
At the end of the video, they greeted their fans and told them that they miss their fans and will be back very soon.

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