New Dance Moves from Ladies’ Code

Ladies’ Code’s comeback single “So Wonderful” has more than just a song to offer. They also released a video, not just a music video but a video everyone can enjoy. These lovely ladies included a sexy dance lesson they personally choreographed. The dance lesson includes three dance moves: ”wonderful dance,” ”I am ground dance” and “bunny bunny dance.”

As they were facing the microphone stand, EunB and Sojung begin by teaching the first move, ”wonderful dance” which include movements of the feet outwards and then sliding it back into its original position. Pretty each, huh?
Ashley and RiSe taught the “I am ground dance” with stepping and body swaying moves. The “bunny bunny dance” was taught by Ashley and Zuny. As the title of the move suggests, the movements for the dance includes bouncing while making rabbit ears out of their hands.

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