Monday Couple Gary and Song Ji Hyo should get married, fortune teller said

Monday Couple

In time for lunar New Year, the February 2 episode of SBS’ Running Man had a fortune telling chapter which determines who celebrity pair has the highest marital compatibility. The episode’s theme features a couple’s race for their soul mates. The episode’s guests include Moon So Ri, Jo Min Soo and Um Jung Kwa. Also starred in the show was the Monday couple, Gary and Song Ji Hyo.

Gary and Song Ji Hyo were paired during the final mission, whom according to the fortune teller “showed the highest marital compatibility”. The fortune teller explained, “These two people are really compatible as couples. Their names have letters that match each other. I can see a good fortune and wealth when they are together.”

The “Running Man” production team said they were very shocked when they heard what the fortune teller just said. As Gary and Song Ji Hyo were announced as the perfect match, the members of the show even suggested the two should get married.

Fans will be really thrilled if the fortune teller’s right!

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