Park Hae Jin, An actual blessing from the stars

Park Hae Jin

Who said blessings just come from heaven? They can also come from the stars! Generous by the heart, Park Hae Jin ordered a truck full of food and drinks and gave them to the crews, staff and cast members of “You Who Came From the Stars” who had to work on the lunar New Year holidays.

Park Hae Jin plays Lee Hwi Kyung in the TV series surprised his co-stars and team members when a food truck with a banner ‘Tteokbokki From the Stars, presented by Hwi Kyung,’ was parked on the set. The truck was loaded with foods like tteokbokki, odeng (fish cakes) and chickens, and drinks.

Park Lee Jin is known to have a thoughtful and kind heart as he has been giving winter jackets and shoes along with hand written letters to his agency staff in Korea and China. For each gift, he wrote thoughtful notes like, ‘Thank you for working so hard in 2013! I wish you good health throughout 2014 and let us all work hard for WM Company. Fighting!’

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