Girl Generation Sooyoung Had to Offer Contact Details of Her Members for Safety


All associates of Girls’ Generation participated in Running Man. They also shook hands with Choi Hong Man, the famous martial artist and SHINee‘s Minho on 5th July’s episode.

At the final round of this music episode, Sooyoung was found in a dress changing room. However, this cute celebrity was caught by Choi Hong Man who lost his control. He tried to break the door open to meet the cute lady. He wanted to prevent her from performing in the last round of the game.

Sooyoung recovered her strength and tried convince Choi Hong man by stating that it was her first time chance to perform in the game. Choi Hong also claimed that it was also his first turn to catch her.

Sooyoung pleaded with suggestions that she would provide phone numbers of all her members of the troupe in case she was allowed to go outside. She shouted but Choi Hong didn’t stoop to her offer. She again told Choi that she would buy food for him.

Sooyoung started yelling by enquiring whether Choi wanted to touch her and handpick phone numbers of her female members, concert tickets and music albums with autographs.

The audience must watch this video clip to know whether she was able to escape in the long run.

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