PSY and Snoop Dogg in a bathing house

PSY and Snoop Dogg

Looks like we will be anticipating another viral music entertainment once again by the phenomenal PSY and the hilarious Snoop Dogg!

Yes, it looks like PSY and Snoop Dogg are making music video come back based – in a much cooler ways! On several photos that PSY has been posting in his official tweeter account, including his latest post dated February 4, PSY is seen to be having a good time in a bath tub with Snoop Dogg sitting beside him. Before that, PSY also posted photos of himself and Snoop Dogg in a karaoke and a convenient store.

Hmmm… Hip hop industry and fans will be excited! If this will be included in PSY’s next music album, it’ll be cool for sure!


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