‘We Got Married’ publicity stunts by 2 PM’s Wooyoung


2 PM’s Wooyoung seem very vibrant in publicizing his We Got Married.
During press conference on Jan 9, Yongin Gyeonggi-do Wooyoung said
that he felt a lot of pressure for competing ‘We Got Married’. He
further adds that, We Got Married has unique sense of style among
diversity of shows in the industry and had able to perform very well
without looking the script.

He says, he would like to show himself more as Man rather than just an
idol. He cracks gossip about his show to make his fans attentive for
success during press conference. He said that, he wanted to make his
fan very jealous and mad to make his show huge hit.

Apparently, SHINee’s Taemin and Son Na Fun will be replaced by him and
Park Se Young.

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