Park Bo Young Will Be More Aggressive to Heat up Jo Jung Suk in “Oh My Ghost”

Park Bo Young

‘Oh My Ghost’ has gained more than 3 percent ratings after airing third episode to give a surprise to viewers. These ratings are considered to be very high for a Korean cable channel. This excellent drama has projected a pack of four still photos from the fourth episode which is supposed to be displayed soon.

tvN’s Friday-Saturday hot drama must lure young hearts who feel hot to make an encounter with such close intimate bed scenes in the drama. In these four still pictures, Jo Jung Suk is found resting his body on the duvet and Park Bo Young is crazy to bombard some hot and juicy kisses to heat up the body of this dashing guy. In this upcoming fourth episode, viewers will have to lay aside more time to watch the first kissing close-ups with erotic flavor. Romance always brews up on the bed and these two performers have the caliber to make their fans hot.

In “Oh My Ghost”, a maiden ghost takes a shelter in the body of an assistant chef and it generates the love story. Park Bo Young, Jo Jung Suk and Kim Seul Gi including Park Jung Ah will be seen in this romantic hot episode of “Oh My Ghost”. Therefore, this drama is earning lot of credits and good ratings due to availability of erotic flavor in the story.

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