Lee Si Young’s Agency Will Take Legal Action Against Accused to Spread Sex Tape Rumor

Lee Si Young

Lee Si Young has been defamed lowering down her social status. The rumor about her presence in a wild sex tape recently sparked through the various cities in Korea. People suspect that investigators have already opened a case file to find the accused in this regard.

However, her agency has not supported this rumor. In a statement, one representative has stated that the rumor about the sex tape is really baseless. They have no intention to soil reputation of this famous female celebrity. This agency is also being harassed by such an odd rumor.

In an official release, the company reiterates that this type of fake information about the interest of Lee in doing erotic scenes in video is dangerous to the actress. However, the content is fully fabricated without exposing any true fact.

The agency will surely take legal action against wicked guys who spread this rumor.


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