Jessi Ventilates Her Depression Due to Loneliness without Time to Date


Jessi who is unbeaten in Unpretty Rapstar has recently commented about her caustic loneliness to spend time without any boyfriend as she is fully occupied with her professional assignments.

In a lively guest show Immortal Song for KBS, this young celebrity appears cute with some dazzling feedbacks to share with her audience in this music show. The recorded version has already hit the market.

In this pre-recorded interview, she ventilated her anxiety and discomfiture. She feels lonely now-a-days due to lack of time to spend behind dating. She explained the reason of singing the particular song Lonely, Lonely. She is depressed because of her loneliness. She doesn’t have time to meet dashing dudes for romantic venture.

Jessi is also dumb stuck when she came to know about her busy work schedule. She wants to be an escapist to shrug off her stress and loneliness. She has stated that she participated in a number of commercial product promotional campaigns including air conditioner, vehicles and bag CFs. In addition, her tight schedule also included about 40 different event performances in previous month.

Meanwhile, Jessi has brilliantly showcased her expertise in singing Goo Chang Mo’s Lonely Lonely maintaining sweetness with flawless rhythm in her tone. The first episode of Immortal Song is supposed to be aired on 11th July sharp at 5.55 pm(KST).


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