Kim Soo Hyun: Most Loved Cameo In Film “Miss Granny”

Kim Soo Hyun

Miss Granny is now the most loved and most watched movie in Korea, placing top 9 in the most watched on movie list and earning over five million audiences since its premier in January 22. Actor Kim Soo Hyun is much-admired as the best cameo. Could he also be the most requested one? When Kim Soo Hyun made a cameo for the famous movie “Miss Granny” as “young Mr. Park,” it was big news that he made an incredible job by making the audience laugh so hard.

“Miss Granny” is about a seventy year old grandmother, who was transformed into a twenty year old lady after taking a picture from a Chung Choon photo studio. Shim Eun Kyung plays Oh Doo Ri, the 20 year old lady who thinks like a 70 year old grandma. During the movie, Kim Soo Hyun played some short scenes with Mr. Park, who was also transformed into is young self.

Also starred in the film are actors Na Moon Hee, Park In Hwan, Sung Dong Il, Lee Jin Wook, Kim Seul Ki, Kim Hyun Sook, and B1A4’s Jin Young.


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