Lee Tae Ran gets married, not a sad heart in real life

Lee Tae Ran

Looks like a true love story happens in real life. Lee Tae Ran proved this as it happens in her, too. Lee Tae-ran is now happily married to a businessman on a Christian ceremony last Saturday afternoon. With their family and relatives, the couple exchanged vows.

We all know that Lee played several unhappy married lives in her TV soap operas “The Goddess of Marriage” and “The Wang Family” that made her less interested on getting married. She played two women characters trapped in unhappy married life due to unfaithful or indifferent husband. These sad stories made her think that a she, getting married and to live a happy life as a couple is no longer possible.

But finding the right man, she finally think that, “I’d like to get married and have a child. Who might know, I might play other roles after this.


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