Passionate Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In “Secret Love Affair” Posters

Kim Hee Ae, Yoo Ah In

A new passionate love story and emotion-filled drama will soon air in JTBC on March 17 starring Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In. Titled a “Secret Love Affair,” the production has released the drama’s poster where Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In looks passionately in love with each other. With captions “My heart races. A bad feeling,” and the way they look at the drama poster will likely encourage the audience to get curious about the story. The poster itself speaks of many emotions like pain, love, and longing.

From the writer of “A Wife’s Credentials,” Jung Sung Joo and director Ahn Pan Seok PD, the “Secret Love Affair” will revolve around art program director Oh Hae Won (Kim Hee Ae) who fell in love with a genius pianist Lee Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In). Oh Hae Won is living a perfect life when a young man, Hae Won came to her life. And suddenly, everything changed.

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