Female Duo Jevice all set to launch First Mini Album ‘Like a dream’

Female duo Jevice (Hana and Juri) all set to launch their first mini-album ‘Like a Dream (‘L.A.D). The agency, Dream Tea Entertainment in 3rd December reported that Jevice will be making a comeback after 10 months with their very first mini-album ‘L.A.D’, comprising a total of four songs. Their debut song, ‘I’ll Love’ released in last July and ‘Cause of U’ released in February 2013 will be added to the mini-album, along with two new songs, ‘Don’t answer the phone’ and ‘Those Were the Days’.

The title song ‘Don’t Answer the Phone discusses the feelings of a woman who knows that she has to forget about her ex-boyfriend, but still in the end picks up the phone. The sound arrangement of the song added to the sorrow expressed by the lyrics of the mid-tempo ballad.

The song was written and produced by rookie lyricist Tina and KAVE, a production team that has a group of talented musicians and song writers. KAVE also took part in planning, arranging, recording and mixing the song to shape out Jevice’s distinct flavor.

‘Those Were the Days’ is a pop ballad is a song that discusses about being unable to apologize and forgive each other for minor mistakes committed in the past, and recollecting those times now. This song was written by Nam Ki Sang, who previously wrote Girls’ Day songs, “Sparkling Sparkling,” ‘Hug me once’, ‘Don’t Forget Me’, ‘Expectation’ and ‘Female President’.

Jevice said that the title song and new song from this mini-album will touch every ones heart, especially during the cold winter season. They expected to constantly release more great songs, and plan to receive lots of love and support.

Jevice’s mini-album “L.A.D” was released on December 3, and can now be obtained from online and offline music stores.

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