Twin Boys TASTY Teaches Choreography for ‘Day N Night”

Twin boy team TASTY teaches the dance for the 90’s style retro dance single ‘Day N’ Night’ in the ‘Let’s Dance’ division on Leon Entertainment’s You Tube channel, immediately a day after releasing the performance version for the same album.

The video dance lesson which was released on 2nd December, and the group members Daeryong and Soryong tell about the three main points for their choreography. The first point dance explains the ‘Snake dance’ in which one makes the shape of a snake using an arm. The second point dance is the ‘leave me dance’ where in the hands are to be waved in such a way as if you don’t care even if someone leaves. The last point dance is the ‘dance break’ which is still to be named. The dance break is the most complex one. However, the twins have managed the show elegantly with ease.

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