Lee Yeon Hee Performs a Sexy dance for Miss Korea

The clippings from Lee Yeon Hee’s new drama ‘Miss Korea’ released on November 27th revealed that the actress was dancing sexily at a dance club in Gangnam. At first on stage the actress felt shy, but with the encouragement words from the staff, she overcame her fear. Also Director Kwon Seok Sang told Ji Young, to start dancing and enjoy, so that she can be comfortable to reveal her dancing skills.

The actress, in front of 200 hired extras was performing her best at the club scene in the drama. Sources revealed that the actress practiced dancing classes from professional dancers, some from her agency SM Entertainment. The intense passion for acting and her strong and never ending energy helped her to display strong performance.

The drama, Miss Korea scheduled to be premiered in December, portrays the Cindrella-like story of the country bumpkin Oh Ji Young, an elevator girl who patches up seriously as her neighbors would try to get her the most prestigious Miss Korea pageant.

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