2NE1 ‘CRUSH’ tops iTunes charts worldwide


Just several weeks after their album comeback, 2NE1 has already topped iTunes Charts in different several countries! It seems like many fans have missed the girl group and they can’t wait to download their new singles.

The girl group is surely missed in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand and continues to soar high in #1 place in different parts of Asia. ‘CRUSH’ also hit #10 slot in the United States on the Album Chart, #3 for the Pop Albums chart, #6 on the Albums Chart and #2 for Pop Albums chart, both in Canada. It also made a good rating in Mexico where it landed at #4 and #10 in Brazil’s Album Chart. 2NE1’s double title tracks, “Come Back Home”, placed #1 on the iTunes Top Singles Chart in the Philippines.

Yang Hyun Suk, or ‘Papa YG’ is very proud for the girl’s come back and sent them a message expressing his thoughts and happiness for the group. CL also greeted 2NE1 in one of her Instagram posts saying, “Congratulations girls! Work hard paid off. Enjoy! “

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