Stills of Lee Bo Young in Her New Drama

Lee Bo Young

In her latest SBS drama, Lee Bo Young will play the role of a mother whose daughter suddenly died, an event that caused her too much frustration, heartache and pain. Her character Kim Soo Hyun in “God’s Gift – 14 Days” brings too much emotion from Kim Soo Hyun, a mother with a handsome lawyer husband (Lee Bo Young) with a cute daughter (Kim Yoo Bin).

“God’s Gift – 14 Days” is a story of a two-week wrapping up of events as Kim Soo Hyun was warned about the death of her daughter and was given the chance to protect her from the kidnapper.

When being asked why she did the project, Kim Soo Hyun answered, “I have always wanted to do a different drama genre and ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days,’ is what I have been waiting for. It is a thriller element that immediately captured my attention.”

It’s her first mother role, what does she think about assuming the role? “I trust my director, writer and co-stars in doing this. I know they won’t leave me when I needed help, and I will work as hard as I can. What I am worried about is the lots of action scenes I need to do in this drama, so I have to work hard on that.” Lee Bo Young said.

The production and staff are also excited working with Lee Boo Young in “God’s Gift – 14 Days.” “Lee Bo Young brings her charm and superb emotion and sincerity in acting and she will be an amazing mother like her role. We’re assured that it will be easy for her to connect with her character Kim Soo Hyun.”


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