Sistar’s Soyu and hip hop vocalist JungGiGo in a duet?

Soyu Junggigo

Yes, you just heard it right. Soyu of the group Sistar will be performing in a duet with hip hop vocalist JungGiGo. Isn’t it a good tandem after all? The combination of Soyu’s clear and JungGiGo’s romantic vocals will be heard soon, as “Some”, their first song together is scheduled to be released on February 7.

If you recall Soyu’s successful unit Mad Clown, you will be more excited as Starship X’s second title “Some” is expected to hit the chart again.

Famous and talented personalities in Kpop industry like producer Kim Do Hoon, lyricist Min Yeon Jae, and MV director Zany Bros came together to make this label come true, expecting it to be nothing but a great duet.

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