Monday Kiz Releases MV for ‘Kiss’

The vocal group, Monday Kiz has again impressed fans with their release of new single ‘Kiss’ and its MV. The MV teaser is a love triangle that involves two men and a woman with rookie actor Lee Seung Hak, one among the NSS agents that worked with Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae in ‘IRIS 2’, including Park Young Woon, and Lim Jae In.

The whole of the music video is on a love triangle, and in the end it provides a twist, which makes the fans bewildered on K.Will’s prior video for his famous hit track ‘Please Don’t’!

‘Kiss’ is one of the songs that the group could not make it into their fifth album ‘Unfinished’ and it is the last song before the leader Lee Jin Sung enlist in the army.

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