HARA Shines in Her “Choco Chip Cookies” MV

HARA defines her solo debut with an eye-popping delicious display. Her MV has the audience howling for more with its first titled track “Choco Chip Cookies”!

Stirring our hearts with images of sprinkles mixed together with cherry lipstick Hara imagines herself as yummy as chocolate chip cookies. Effortlessly mingling oral fixations with full body poses in candy colored outfits. At the end, sweet and sexy Hara keeps the satisfied audience wanting just a little more. She fills the need with five more songs in her mini-album ‘Alohara’. With the help and support of artists featured on her songs including, Giriboy on “Choco Chip Cookies”, bandmate Youngji on “How Is It?”, “La La La” featuring Matthew, and “Rainy Day” featuring Taebin.

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