Nam Gyu Ri Reveals Her Beauty Secrets While on Vacation for Beauty+

Nam gyu ri

Nam Gyu Ri, one of sexy female celebrities in South Korea, looks magnetic, charming and glossy in one of the colorful snapshot in Beauty + fashion magazine.

Nam Gyu Ri has the presentable personality with natural physical aesthete. She must be a high profile lady with natural fairness. She makes overnight stay in a luxurious resort to participate in a photo session for publication of the upcoming issue of Beauty +. Actually, her visit to this sophisticated resort near the lake is to complete the upcoming movie ‘Laws of the Jungle’ organized and sponsored by SBS. So it is not her vacation tour.

During her personal conversation, she has backfired some of her best diet management tips to fans for ensuring the good physical wellness. She told reporters that the most innovative way to manage health is to take a nutritious support along with outdoor activities to control excess fat. She also states that she does pilates 3 times a week over 3 years to hold consistency in health management.

Nam Gyu Ri maintains regularity in her skincare with vitamins and Acai berry facial packs.

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