Yoon Seung Ah Looked Radiantly Beautiful in Latest Pictorial

Yoon Seung Ah

Grab a copy of the February issue of magazine “BEAUTY+” to see for yourself how Yoon Seung Ah looked exceptionally beautiful!
The “I Need Romance Season 3” actress is now a full bloom woman in all white outfits and a wedding veil. Although the innocence was still there, you can see her transition from a young lady into a sensual woman in these photographs.

Yoon Seung Ah has always been known for her fashion sense, which is made the pictorial more of a fashion statement. During the photoshoot, Yoon Seung Ah was very eager and professional in sharing ideas about the concepts of the pictures and how they would be taken.

In an interview exclusively for “BEAUTY+”, Yoon Seung Ah shared her secrets in keeping her looks young and beautiful. She also shared the best cosmetic products to use and foods to eat to be as healthy as she is. Yoon Seung Ah makes sure that she is able to get all the vitamins she needed to stay healthy by having two meals a day and eating organic and homemade foods. She’s fond of eating a lot of fruits and nuts. And aside from the food she eats, she also shared her techniques in maintaining a good body shape. She does pilates and lift weights.


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