Wang Ji Won in “Another Parting”

Actress Wang Ji Won is about to be in the upcoming web drama “Another Parting.” In the latest drama trailer, Wang Ji Won who will play as Hana was shown standing on a bridge, about to end her life when her love one left her alone. With all the questions in her mind and all the sadness she is feeling, she thought that there will no longer be another reason for her to live. As she was standing and about to jump of a bridge, actor Seo In Guk appeared and tried to stop what she is about to do.

Although it was just a trailer, one could feel that there is a lot more to watch. Like what happened to Wang Ji Won, how sad was she, and what will happen to her in the future.

Meanwhile, another teaser will be released on February 16, this time, to introduce Seo In Guk’s character. “Another Parting” is a web drama that is about to launch on February 17 at 11PM KST.


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