After being an alien, what do you want next for Kim Soo Hyun?

Kim Soo hyun

Surrounding rumors that Kim Soo Hyun will play a role in a live action version of the manwha “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” tend to stir more as Keyeast, the actor’s subsidiary agency Contents K bought the rights to the manwha with plans of a drama production.
“The Scholar Who Walks the Night” is a story plotted on a Joseon era vampire who lives in disguise of a scholar.

On the other hand, a representative from Kim Soo Hyun’s agency confirmed that there is no final decision on the matter yet. “Kim Soo Hyun is focused on his current role in ‘Man from the Stars’ and it is very premature to talk about any other project in the near future. No internal arrangement or discussion takes place Contents K.”

Kim Soo Hyun plays as Do Min Joon, an alien who is trapped on earth for 400 years during the Joseon dynasty in Korea. Acquiring the physical feature of an intelligent and handsome human, Do Min Joon played the persona of a Joseon era scholar.

Viewers commented that Kim Soo Hyun’s character of a Joseon scholar started the hope that the actor will next assume the role of a Joseon era vampire scholar.

So calm your nerves fans because Kim Soo Hyun to be a vampire soon is just a rumor and not yet being discussed by his management and agency. For the meantime, just enjoy watching Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon in “Man From the Stars.”

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