The Secret Behind the Success of “You From The Stars”

You Who Came From Stars

The story plot of SBS’s alien romance drama show titled “You from the Stars” is a big hit to viewers. Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun both credit each other as the secret to its increasing popularity.

For the February four broadcast of SBS’s “Good Morning”, reporters visited the stars at the very set where they shoot the drama. The seriousness of the actors can be observed while in shoot followed by laughter in between takes.

Jun Ji Hyun thinks popularity is due to the combination of Kim Soo Huyn’s good looks and a solid storyline while Kim Soo Hyun says audience appeal comes from the way Jun Hi Hyun mixes crazy & pained depictions while maintaining beauty.

Relax every Wednesday and Thursday by catching SBS’ popular drama, “You From the Stars”.

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