Crayon Pop’s come back makeover: tossing the helmets away!

Crayon Pop

Are you ready for something new? You will definitely get it this April as Crayon Pop is scheduled to release their first album with a brand new look.

The group’s agency disclosed that they are planning to get rid of their helmet trademarks for the new album. They said “We are planning a different style this time. Nothing is final yet, but it will definitely be different since we will not be using helmet, just like before. Enough for the helmet thing.”

“April is getting nearer so Crayon Pop is fast tracking their preparation for their first album. They plan to promote both home and abroad, so April is the best month to launch it,” Chrome Entertainment told Star News.

They are preparing a full album and a lot of songs are on the list. They will also be including composer Kim Yoo Mi, who was behind the song ‘Bar Bar Bar.’


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