Boowhal Jung Dong Ha Sings in Princess Aurora!

Jung Dong Ha

Group Boowhal’s vocal Jung Dong Ha sang, “Love’s Promise” at the wedding of Jun So Min and Suh Ha Joon in ‘Princess Aurora’.

On the MBC drama ‘Princess Aurora’(script Lim Sung Han, director Kim Jung Ho, Jang Joon Ho) telecasted on 3rd December, Aurora (acted by Jun So Min) marries Sul Sul Hee (enacted by Suh Ha Joon) who suffers from fourth level blood cancer. On this day, Jung Dong Ha sings the celebratory song, ‘Love’s promise’.
On that day, Aurora has a fight with her ex-husband Hwang Mama (enacted by Oh Chang Suk) who was stubborn till the end. Aurora and Sul Sul Hee look at each other with emotion during the wedding. During the whole of the wedding song, in place of being happy, they looked like they were in sadness.

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