Yang Dong Geun’s JAJAJA has New Moody Teaser

If you want to end your weekend right, watch Yang Dong Geun’s new moody teaser for his latest single “JAJAJA.” In this latest single, the singer and actor featured Dynamic Duo and Crush.

The short video is more likely to touch the city life as it casts the top view of the Seoul Cityscape. Artistically presented, the video includes the title of the song, and the artist and featured artists. In the teaser video, you can see the calm looking Yang Dong Geun walking towards the camera as if he is looking directly on you as you were standing on a rooftop. The teaser ended as all images tend to fade away, entering the sound of a smooth jazz style audio track with Yang Dong Geun’s voice saying “Have a listen to it, JAJAJA.”


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