Taeyeon Earned Nick Name Paper of Doll at SBS Running Man Show


On 5th July, Girls’ Generation performed excellently in the heart throbbing show. The episode of SBS Running Man is popular to attract the audience. Girls’ Generation won favors of spectators who were present to watch Running Man show. They were excited to watch the brilliant performance of Girls’ Generation.

Cute Taeyeon, the maverick participant of this brilliant show, earned nick name “paper doll” by showcasing her expertise. She forced her fans to roll in laughter and excitement. While making an adventurous cruise by running on the sandy sea beach, she looked confident. She tried to move smoothly through muddy sea water and strong blow of sea breeze. Her foot steps were unsteady during her expedition on the sea beach.

Ji Suk Jin, the well known celebrity and performer in Running Man, was surprised to track this dazzling lady to swing and bounce her body in pool of briny sea water and strong blow of wind. Her sleek body seems to be floating when she rushes through mud water.

Ji Suk Jin commented that Taeyeon is really like a roll of paper to fly in the air. She is a paper doll.

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