B.A.P Takes Home First Ever Music Show Win on “Show Champion”


Maybe for the B.A.P, the best way to come back is to bring home the “Show Champion.” After topping the charts for more than a week, B.A.P’s single “1004 (Angel)” made its way to the fullest success.

After a lot of hard work, the group finally harvests their crop. As tribute to their fans, they extended their greetings through their official Twitter accounts. Youngjae wrote, “I still can’t believe it… this is such an amazing and memorable gift from the fans who believed in us. We will not fail you. (I even cried as I leave the stage) Thank you for giving your best to us, and we will give it back to you!” Daehyun thanked their fans also by writing on Twitter: “Hi everyone! I feel wonderful today!! You are the best of all!! Thank you and I love you so much!!!! I love you!!!!!!”
During the show, they performed “With You” and “Baby Baby,” another tracks from their latest album.

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