Inifinite’s leader Sung Kyu to kneel in front of members

Sung Kyu

For its opening episode on Mnet’ channel, “This is Infinite” will show Infinite’s group leader kneel in front of the group.

The drama program will revolve around the ‘Leader Change’ mission, in which Infinite members will decide and choose a new leader for the group according to certain qualifications.

Choosing seven important traits to leadership, members will observe and assess prospective leaders and choose the top one who is most able to lead. Traits they will consider include physical fitness, sociability and adaptability, decisiveness, and others. The member who best possesses those qualities will replace the current leader, Sung Kyu.

Catch the drama on February 6 and see Sung Kyu strive in keeping his leadership position and watch others fight for the right to lead.


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