Juniel’s Graduation Glory

Choi Jun-hee AKA Juniel is set to sing the revised 1946 graduation song. The famous song with the heart-warming familiar lyrics, “I present the unnie who received a radiant graduation diploma with an armful of flower bouquets”, will be replaced after 67 years of being  a part of graduation.

This new graduation theme was a product of the “New Graduation Song Project” which was sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. The SMOE and 11 other Seoul Regional Offices of Education requested for the new song to be shipped to them and then sent to each and every school.

FNC Entertainment, formerly FNC Music, which is also Juniel’s current agency, said that the whole purpose of the project was to create a fresh and new graduation culture through the graduation song. They believe that the graduation song should consider the youth’s emotions and the trends of the time. This is also why Juniel, who is the current honorary youth ambassador , immediately accepted the gig.

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