Eunhyuk’s Twitter Account – Third Hack!

Celebrities’ relationship with the social media has been and will always be a complicated one. Through social media, they have interaction with their fans. They have to make sure that they take care of their image.

However, there are some things that slip through their circle of protection… like getting your Twitter account hacked. Eunhyuk  (Lee Hyuk-jae) of Super Junior recently had his Twitter account hacked for the third time. you would think that hacking his account once would have been enough, but apparently, it’s not.

This just wasn’t an invasion of his privacy. The hacker even tweeted nude pictures of Superstar K4’s Hwang Seol-lin. Although the photos were deleted, more photos keep getting tweeted. There was even one statement which seems like the hacker was trying to prove that it was Hwang Seol-lin herself tweeting those images. When confronted with this though, she vehemently denied it.

Why does Eunhyuk’s Twitter account keep getting hacked? How should celebrities react to incidents like this?

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